Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fun Activity #2

Now it's time for your little kids to bring their imagination to the grown-up world. For example, this week, your child can pretend to be a doctor. Have your kid make up a disease... our disease is Sock-tockinitis. Now have your child to think up the symptoms. Our symptoms are as follows: runny noses and chills. Then, follow up with the symptoms. The pictures below illustrate how we handled the sock monkey's 'disease'.

Leon's runny nose is treated with a tissue!

Leon's chills are treated with a nice, warm bed.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fun Activity #1

Have a sock monkey tea party. If you have a tea set, use that for your monkeys. The monkeys owners will sit by their monkey, which will be sitting on a pillow or two, so you can see him/her at eye level. Also, the humans will use real silverware, cups, plates, etc...
Start a conversation. Let the owners and the sock monkeys get to know each other more. You can even have a waiter with a menu.
Foods that are recommended to be served: lemonade, or juice with chips of any sort.